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Stanley Smartpants

Name: Stanley Smartpants

Job: Detective Sergeant
Breed: Blue Tabby Point Birman

Our hero and principal detective of the Cathaven-on-Sea Cat-Police. Intelligent, handsome and beautifully dressed, he has a fine collection of cool trousers.

He writes and recites poems about events that occur in the story, and is loved by all the female cats.


Generally regarded as being a very handsome cat indeed. He has a thick coat of creamy-white fur, a bushy, fluffy, brownish tail, and intense sapphire blue eyes. The distinctive brown markings on his beautiful face and his chocolate brown ears are his most interesting feature. But it is the stylish way he dresses that makes him stand out from other cats.

Stanley has something to say
"Hi, This is one of my favourite outfits. I have a competition to design me a new one."

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